Llama Clinics


We provide llama clinics for those interested in learning about llamas as pack animals. This is a hand on course that takes 3-4 hours. We encourage organized groups, families, state agencies, and private groups to take our llama clinic in order to get a better understanding of our llama’s capabilities. We have had many groups participate in our llama clinic and later rent from us once they saw that llamas fill the void between horse packing and hiking.

If you are interested in renting llamas the llama clinic is mandatory. Once you have taken the llama clinic you are ready to start renting llamas for your outdoor adventures. We only require that you take the clinic one time prior to your first rental opportunity.

Many of our rentals take place from July – November. If you are looking at renting these months then May and June are great times to come take the clinic. We can also do the clinic the day of or the day before your first rental trip. If this is the case please allow for the time to do this.


Standard Clinic
(with reservation)


This clinic is for those with a current calendar year llama rental reservation.

Standard Clinic
(without reservation)


This clinic is for those without a current calendar year llama reservation.

Full Day How to Pack with Llamas 101 Course


Full day course showing all the ins and outs of packing with and using llamas.

Overnight Llama Pack Clinic


2 day, one night trip with meals provided. Camping gear provided if needed. May 1 – October 2

What To Expect

Step One: We meet at our at the llama ranch in Idaho Falls, Idaho for a 45 min orientation. The orientation consists of an introduction to llamas, and what to expect from llamas. This is where you get to put your hands on them and ask the questions you have been thinking about since you booked your llama clinic.

Step Two: We will show you how to lead the llamas, and load them in and out of the trailer. Once the llamas are loaded we will caravan to our hiking destination just 15 min from the llama ranch.

Step Three: We go through the llama gear (saddle, panniers, scale, brushes etc.), followed by a run-down of trail etiquette, poisons plants, water and feed for the llamas. The last step we will show you how to saddle the llamas and then we will start packing with them and continue to answer your questions. Our goal is to help you become confident and comfortable with the llamas and llama packing.

Considering a Llama Adventure?

For those interested in buying our llamas or those from another llama ranch we recommend that you go packing with llamas on one of our llama clinics to get a feel for llamas and llama packing to make sure it is the right option for you. Everyone that buys llamas from us is strongly encouraged to take the llamas you’re interested in buying on a llama clinic or an overnight trip before you take them home. We guarantee our pack llamas to perform as advertised. We like there to be full transparency between us as the breeders and sellers to the buyer. Why not take your future llamas for a test drive right?

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