2024 Llama Rendezvous!

Thank you to everyone that came and supported/helped for the 2022 Rendezvous. We will be doing another Rendy in the spring 2024 from on June 13-16, 2024. Registration will open Jan 1, 2024

We invite llama enthusiasts of all experience levels to join us in a celebration of all things pack llamas! Our goal is to bring together the pack llama community so that we may learn, ask questions, share stories, and form friendships.

Our event will officially begin June 13th and the final full day will be June 15th. You can pre-check in as early as Wednesday morning, June 12th. 


We will also have a layover day on Sunday June 16th. On which day, you can load llamas, and finalize paperwork of purchased llamas. It is however still a very exciting day. The North American Ccara Association board of directors will be screening llamas on Sunday. They will also be willing and open to training anyone interested in learning to screen llamas.  We will have breakfast available Sunday morning.

Our Schedule will be as follows:

Wednesday, June 12th –

Wednesday Early check in and llama sign in. 

If you have animals that you would like to bring for training, selling, or shearing etc., you may bring them as early as Monday June 10th. Lodging at the Baty ranch is free for those that would like to bring a camper, tent, or other accommodations. Water hydrants are scattered throughout the property and are available for your use. All hydrants are potable water. Several port-a-potties will be set up for your use and will include handwashing stations. Meals will be DIY on Wednesday the 12th, unless otherwise prearranged with us. Please feel free to arrive any time of day on Wednesday and get your camping situation setup.

Thursday June 13th-  

Thursday will be the first full day of the event.

Whether you choose to stay at the WRTL Ranch or off-site, breakfast, drinks, and coffee will start being served at 7:30 am, and is included for all members of the rendezvous. We encourage you to attend all meals, as this will be a time for networking and getting to know the other rendezvous guests. 

*Don't forget to check in at the WRTL store to receive your name tag and other items necessary for the event :) 

Following breakfast, we will begin our seminars at 8:30 am. We are very excited and privileged to hear from many very knowledgeable folks in the industry. Speakers may include (but not limited to): Kristy Brown, Stan Ebel, Doug Bearmar, Kirstin and Beau Baty, Laura Harrawood, and Brandon Turley. Lunch will be served somewhere between 12-1, depending on when the speakers finish. Seminars will resume after lunch and will conclude about 5:30 pm.

Once the speakers are finished, don't run away yet. Special evening events will follow the conclusion of the seminars. Dinner and dessert will be served for all rendezvous guests about 7:00 pm. 

Friday June 14th - Hikes and Training Day

Breakfast will be served from 7:30-8:30 am. After breakfast, all rendy guests will split into two different groups. The hiking group and the stay at the ranch group. 

Group 1

This group will caravan to the trail head, assisted by professional hiking guides, will be able to go through the motions of packing and head into the backcountry. This will provide lots of hands-on experience with the llamas. If you have any llamas that you would like to pack train, this may be a good opportunity to bring your animal, and get some advice from experienced folks. Other things that you could learn are how to read a map, navigation, camp site selection, where/how to stake out llamas, and how to fix hiking accidents. The hikers will be provided with a sack lunch for the trail. Enjoy a day of learning on the trail. 


Group 2

The "stay home" group will have the day focused on training llamas. We will focus our efforts on problem llamas, or llamas that have yet to be trained. We will train your llamas and continue throughout the day until we run out of llamas to work with. So, please bring some critters with you. Llamas of all ages are welcome to be brought to be trained. WRTL will provide hay, straw, bedding, water and water buckets for all llamas at the event. We will have orchard grass, and timothy grass available.

Great candidates for the Friday Training Day would include llamas that are:

  • Hard to catch
  • Hard to halter
  • Won't get into the trailer
  • Jump over water
  • Llamas that are not lead trained
  • Llamas that have no training
  • Llamas that have never had a saddle on
  • Llamas with a behavior problem

How do you know what group to choose? If you are new to llamas, or unsure in your packing and hiking skills, the hiking group will be perfect for you. Kids are, of course, welcome to join the hikes. If you have been hiking with llamas 10,000 times or do not plan to use llamas for hiking, you may find that staying at the ranch is just the ticket. If you're still unsure which group to join, feel free to ask for a recommendation. 

We will all enjoy dinner together at the end of the day, about 7:00 pm. Festivities to follow dinner. 

Saturday, June 15th - Auction Day

Breakfast will be served a little later this morning, from 8:30-9:30 am. It was a big day yesterday, so enjoy a sleep in and a lazy morning. After breakfast, we will enjoy our final seminars and then the rest of the morning will be spent going over the animals that will be sold in the auction. This will be an easy day. Enjoy lunch around noon. Make sure to check out the merch in the store, and enjoy the company of the folks around you. Our Live Auction will begin at 3:00 pm. With the results of the silent auction to follow.


The animals will be split into 3 categories. These three options include:

1. Buy Now Option - There will be a price set, and if you're willing to pay it, then that animal is yours. This will be open to outline bidders and out of state folks as well. 

2. Silent Auction - A silent auction will persist throughout the event. Simply find one of the bid sheet holders and place your bid. Results will be announced following the conclusion of the live auction.

3. Live Auction - Some of the most sot after animals will be auctioned by a live auctioneer in a fun and friendly live auction


If you have llamas that you would like to sell in the auction, please email us back with those animals as soon as possible so we know how to plan for holding space. We will need to know each animal's age, gender, genetic profile, and training status, so we can add them to the sales catalog. Please indicate which auction style you are interested in.


If you buy a WRTL animal during the auction, we hope you can arrange to bring your animal(s) home at the end of the event. If needed, we can board them for up to 45 days at no cost. After this, boarding fees will apply. If you buy animals from another seller, please arrange prompt transportation on or before Sunday June 16th. Or you can arrange a pick-up or delivery with the seller outside of WRTL location. We are able to house the llamas that will be sold at the event and not yet transported for 10 days at no charge. 


If you need your animals delivered to you, there will be a $4 per loaded mile charge for delivery.

Dinner will be served at 7:00 pm. You're welcome to stay one final night. 

Sunday, June 16th - Clean up and NACA meeting

This is the last, and is an informal day, of the event. Breakfast will be served with whatever may be left over. Lunch will be the same. NACA will meet for their annual meeting, and new screeners will be taught. Llamas that need screening are welcome to stay and have their animals looked at and screened. No formal schedule will be set by WRTL. 


You are welcome to bring campers, tents, or secure your own accommodations. As we believe that you will get the most benefit from staying here at our ranch, you will receive a discount for staying the entire time. Which brings us to our price breakdown.


*Llama Life Package* June 12-16 (or 15) Full Event / Staying at the Ranch

This package is for guests checking in or staying on location during the event at the Baty Ranch June 12-16th.

·Price per person $350

·Couples $650/couple ($325/person)

·Kids 10 and under are free

·Family Package: Parents/Guardians $315/person, Kids 11-18 $150/kid

*Backcountry Bundle* June 13-15 Full Event / Staying Offsite

Guests choosing to stay elsewhere but that would like to attend all three days will receive a bundle deal $125 per day.

·         Price per person for the 3-day bundle $375

·         Couples $700/couple, ($350/person)

·         Kids 10 and under are free

·         Family Package: Parents/Guardians $325/person, Kids 11-18 $165/kiddo


*Single Day Admission* 

Guests that are planning to come for a day or two can pay per day. 

For Saturday only Pre-registration is not required but recommended.

June 13, 14, or 15

·Price per person $165

·Kids 10 and under are free

·Kids 11-18 $60/day 


Note: Price includes 3 meals per day and camping style amenities 



Items available for free/purchase + WRTL store

-There will be about 40 llamas for sale that are all WRTL Raised llamas. We also have at this point 15 other llamas that will be sold by other folks at the event. We are trying hard to get all the information put together for you beforehand on the llamas, their genetics, information etc. We hope to get this all out to everyone a week or so before the event. If you are interested in breeding animals. This is one of the first major opportunities we have been able to provide to do that. 

-Water posts

-Square buckets

-Llama Pellets (new 2024 supplier and recipe)

-Llama Mineral

-Protein Licks for llamas/horses

-Salt blocks

-Straw bales (free) self-serve/load. We have over 800 we need to get rid of before the next crop comes in. Take as many as you need or want.

-Packing tack and equipment

-Divide Series Tents

-WRTL Swag (shirts, hats, water bottles)

-Items that other attendees bring 

-Stan Ebel with Buckhorn Llamas and Altiplano Insulation will be selling their saddles, panniers and also their llama wool clothing line. Here is a link to check out their items:

-We will have livestock scales, llama restraint chutes, hay feeders, stock racks, and other items demonstrated at the event if you would like to order anything. All of these items are made to order. 

-Free llama training tips 

-Free shearing for 2 volunteer llamas only. If you have animals that you would be willing to bring for training demonstrations, or for help with behavioral correction or teaching new skills, please let me know as soon as possible. We are still looking for several volunteers for this.

-Shearing llamas for $65/llama. Service provided by Doug Bearmar Black Mountain Pack Llamas. 

-Toenail Trimming- $30/llama Provided by WRTL Staff and others

-Fighting teeth trimming- $25/llama Provided by WRTL Staff and others


We will have a store that will be open each day during the event. If you have plans to sell things on consignment, please let us know in advance. We will have you price your own items with a sticker before it enters the store so we know who to give the proceeds to. You may want to come on Wednesday during early check in day to get this completed before the store officially opens. 




All meals will be provided June 13-15th and made on site at WRTL by staff. With some possible snacking opportunities for Wednesday June 12th and Sunday June 16th. With this in mind, we please ask that you list any food allergies that may affect your health while you are here. We cannot plan to accommodate you if we don't know about it in advance. A menu can be sent to you on request prior to the event.




How To Pay


If you're unable to pay via Venmo, or unsure what amount to pay, please text Kirstin 208-313-5256. 

The code to confirm the correct seller on Venmo (the last 4 digits) are: 5256

Please respond to this email with the following items:



# of people you are paying for:

Names of people in your group (aka those you are paying for):

What days/dates you will be attending:

Wednesday June 12th - Pre-Check in

Thursday June 13th - Seminars

Friday June 14th - Hike/Training Day

Saturday June 15th - Auction Day

Sunday June 16th - NACA

Camping at ranch or offsite:

Food Allergies (if any):

Please list any of your questions here:

Are you planning on selling any gear or llamas at the rendezvous:

We will have a few more emails and videos to come as we get closer and we refine the details. 

Rules of the Rendezvous

  1. Llamas must be on a lead, tied up, or staked out at all times. You are free to walk your llamas around the property.
  2. Please be courteous and keep your llamas controlled at all times. Do not let your llamas sniff noses or aggravate other llamas around them as we will have a mix of males (intact) and females.
  3. Ask permission before you pet or work with someone else’s llama. Some people do not want you touching their llamas, and some llamas don't like strangers.
  4. If you are going to bring hay to the event please use only certified weed-free hay. Otherwise hay will be provided for you at the event free of charge while your animals are at the event.
  5. Please clean up after yourself and your llamas. There is a compost pile that you can haul your llama droppings, old hay and bedding to.
  6. Use the porta-potties. WRTL has rented 2 porta-potties so please use them.
  7. Water for llamas and humans. Our faucets all use our well water. You can fill up from any of the orange handled faucets.
  8. Be careful around roads. The roads can be very busy and some people drive at unsafe speeds. We have high fences on the property that surround the entire grounds. Once you get off the main highway into the compound you are in the safety zone.
  9. Due to how many animals we will have at this event there will be no dogs allowed.
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